Cameras, cameras ...

I own several cameras: Canon's, one Nikon and so on, but my iPhone is the real workhorse in my shop.

I love the iPhone camera for three important reasons: (1) It's a snap to get my images from the iPhone onto the web, (2) I can get it in places that I would never be able to with my regular cameras and (3), it fits in my pocket. IMHO, the iPhone camera makes perfect picture-taking sense for photographing my work as I complete a project.

You would not even be able to focus a normal camera in some of the places I have put my iPhone. Case in point: A few years back I had to dissasemble my Delta DJ-20 jointer before moving back to sunny New Mexico from dreary Chicago. From experience, I know that when taking a power tool apart you had better have some good how-to-put-it-back-together instructions and nothing serves that purpose better than several good photos.

Here are a few to make my point.

st.francis' broken head
When I took apart my DJ-20, I wanted to be sure that I put this spring back in correctly and this photo was just what I needed to do that. I was holding up the (heavy) infeed table with one hand and took this photo with the other. Since I could not see what the camera was seeing, all I could do was hope for the best. I would never have been able to do this with one of my cameras in the same time it took me to do with the iPhone.

st.francis' broken head
This is another 'interior' image of the DJ-20 taken with the iPhone