Neckpiece made by my better half


I fell into the bottomless veneer 'wabbit hole' back in September 2012. I became intrigued and the trap was sprung. Bam! Gotcha!

As I think back over the years, I have learned so much about this wonderful aspect of woodworking. The topsy-turvy journey has been well worth it. I could not have crafted several nice projects had I not decided to learn veneering. Veneer makes for some very interesting projects.

Nothing is sweeter than a veneering project done well. In truth, all completed woodworking projects should put a smile of the craftsman's face, but veneer projects require quite a bit more work (and gear!) to pull off successfully.

To be honest, I've made a LOT of mistakes along the way. However, if you're paying attention, there are no better teachers than the mistakes that will humble you in the process.

Up to that time in my life I had never even touched a sheet of veneer. My recollection of veneer was that it was a great way to hide crappy furniture. While the pieces that I recall seeing appeared new and shiny in the furniture showroom, they each had 'tacky' written all over them. Given all of those recollections, it is little wonder that I never gave much thought to starting a veneer project.

All of that has changed. I have many, many website's and woodworker's to thank for that. Now it is my turn to help others. I will be sharing with you my experience with the following veneering subject matter:

And so on ...

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