25 September 2012
Life can get crazy sometimes. I joined two woodworking forums back in July of this year:

It was there that I discovered that more than one woodworker was doing veneer work of one sort or the other. I became intrigued and the trap was sprung. Bam! Gotcha!

Up to that time in my life I had never even touched a veneer leaf. My recollection of veneer was that it was a great way to hide crappy furniture. While the pieces that I recall seeing appeared new and shiny in the furniture showroom, they all had 'tacky' written all over them. No thought was given to design or functionality whatsoever. Given all of those recollections, it is little wonder that I never gave much thought to starting a veneer project.

Today that is quickly changing. Just poke your head into one of todays luxury vehicles and you'll probably see burled-walnut on the dash and you may even see it wrapped around the steering wheel. Bentley's are smothered in exotic wood. Mine is. Yeah, right!

If you believe that then I have some very inexpensive sea side property in Arizona that I will let you have for next to nothing.

Just recently, my wife also decided to let me craft her two large jewelry boxes to free up one of her chest-of-drawers. I know - she does have a lot of jewelry. Funny how things have a way of happening at just the right time.

So, I got to work and completed the design. In short order I was ready to go. I had no idea how twisty the road ahead was going to be. Buckle up, my friend.

To be continued ...

The Following Will Be Discussed

In addition, where applicable, we will cover the sharpening of each of these tools. The sharpening of Japanese saws will not be covered.