Woodworking is about three simple concepts:

These simple concepts can be expressed in millions of ways.

Order is not important - unless you are a carver. A carver would list Sharp Tools first, followed by Control and that's it. In general, carver's have no use for perpendiular planes. But non-carver's should care very much about perpendiular planes. If you do not, then you are wasting your time.

If you wish to achieve your goals as a woodworker, and you underestimate the importance of these rudimentary premises, you will be greatly disappointed. That's a guarantee. Plus, you could injure yourself in the process. Snicker if you like, but for your own sake you should really heed the voice of experience.

Perpendicular Planes
You cannot craft a piece without having two planes of your board perpendicular to one another from the git go. This is your reference point. This is the foundation upon which you proceed until your piece is completed.

Sharp Tools
I don't care what tool it is, but if it uses knives or blades, they must be kept as sharp as humanly possible at all times. Do not expect good results from dull or chipped edges.

If you cannot control your tools then you are an accident in the making.

I am not going to beat these concepts into the ground because they are simply common sense and should be clearly understood by anyone who wishes to become a woodworker.