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iSmartAlarm Deluxe Package.

iSmartAlarm - 30 AUG 2015
After moving back to New Mexico from Chicago, the first order of business was to build my workshop/garage to store all of my woodworking tools that were in transit. Fast forwarding - the shop is now built and my concern is that it has no alarm system installed. We called the company whose alarm system we use for our house and their bottom line for protection was approximately $1000 for the install and then $40/month thereafter. Not bad ... if I were a bazillionair!! I told him what to do with his business and sought other more reasonable alternatives.

Again, skipping all the details I settled on iSmartAlarm. And like everything else in life, there were pros and cons.



Pros - Discussion
This system is very, very inexpensive for all the technology that is included. Okay, so what comes in the Deluxe Package?

As noted above the Deluxe Package was on special and I paid $200 for it. The iCamera KEEP (2nd Generation camera) was not included in the Deluxe Package and it cost $150. All sensor batteries were included and installed. All I had to do was slip out the plastic tab to activate the sensors.

iSmartAlarm App: You simply download the app and you're good to go. This has to be done before you set up your system because this is how you connect with iSmartAlarm to receive security your security code which is required to activate your system.

iSmartAlarm Setup: This is very straighforward. You power up the CubeOne module then scan in whatever devices you want to add to your alarm system. All of this takes less then 5 minutes and you're good to go. You can also name your sensors, such as 'West Door Sensor' which is very helpful.

Cons - Discussion
This system was purchased to protect my shop/garage. It is not attached to our home and its closest wall is approximately 78 feet from the router. And, obviously, the signal has to pass through walls and perhaps some glass as well.

A few days ago I placed the iCamera just inside the closest window and I did manage to temporarily link it up to the system. This is not where I envisioned placing the iCamera, but I was happy that I finally did link it up. However, I soon lost the link and finally gave up and moved the camera back into the house where it prompty linked up and worked as it should.

I had to keep in mind the fact that the strength of wireless signals is constrained by the FCC due to the fact that these signals can interfere with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers and various life-support systems such as artificial heart/lung devices and so on. While none of these are in use in our home, we are still affected by these FCC regulations. So, for the time being until I can prove otherwise, I think that the CubeOne signal is not sufficiently powerful to bore through walls, glass and distance to link up my iCamera in the shop. I hope I am wrong, but will continue testing and hope for the best. Their tech people may have some suggestions for me tomorrow.